My first oc! Created in 2004, never drawn until now.

i love this boy, i do



ayeee updated commission sheet cuz i got bills and negative balances

Sketches : 8 USD

Headshot / Bust 12 USD [ Color ] ; 10 USD [ Lineart ]

Waist Up : 20 USD [ Color ] ; 15 [ Lineart ]

Fullbody : 30 USD [ Color ] ; 25 [ Lineart ]


♣ Extra characters : +1/2 of original price ; Max 3 characters

All commissions will have a flat or transparent background.

Prices DO NOT include fees. Please use a fee calculator to determine the appropriate amount.

To Order:
Send me an ask/email with the following filled out and i will confirm the price with you!:

♣type of commission
♣links to references
♣other details (optional)

Contact :

Just gonna spread this around again considering i’m really behind on my loan payments and need about a minimum of 135$. I also have a donate button!

lineart commission for aduckballs


I found this drawing of my oc trickster while I was looking for Bristol for the wood crest kids drawing


It’s almost 1 am and I have nothin else to do but draw dumb comics


My first babby usagi, omg I’m gettin all nostalgic and shit. Made her in 3rd grade and never attempted to draw her until now pretty much. I just remember her bein wild and always at parties and the beach and havin no filter


teenage huey and riley?

i spent way too much time on this

once upon a time long ago i made a fantroll and did nothing with her except give her a name

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