Wassup new followers
Just lettin y’all know that my main blog is rileyescobar

I love ur haikyuu art! Good job! 🌸

aw thank you!

i’ve only seen one episode and yet…the amount of time i spent on this..too wild.


I love drawing these two in awkward buttnakednasty moments

"I got a right to be hostile, my people are being persecuted."

just a quick colored sketch…i dont like how his eyes came out man

Another adoptable! Info is here

"quick" oc drawing of two cheerleaders wearing the nicknames their fellow students gave them…..the story is called “graduates”..i have a million ocs this is ridiculous


serena is still my favorite to draw after all these years

probably never gonna get used to calling her usagi


Spent all this time sittin here and this is all I managed to draw

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